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Need Help Writing Your Gun Control Essay?

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Gun control essay

Whether you are in favor of stronger gun control laws or you are entirely against them, you will need to state your case with a gun control essay at some point in your educational career. Luckily, there are a multitude of resources on help with writing gun control essays, and some sites even offer free samples and free entirely written papers on the subject. And while you may want to create your own article or essay, you still can use the resources that are available to you online.

These resources primarily will share with you the finer points of both side of the gun control debate. On the pro side, they will have useful data and statistics that show just how dangerous guns are today and how easily they can get into the wrong hands. The statistics may include the number of shootings each year and the percentage of those shootings that occur because someone purchased a gun through nontraditional means or via illegal channels. Or they might point to the whole issue of keeping our kids safer by preventing people from gaining easy access to guns and doing what has been become all too common in our culture: taking them out in public and wreaking havoc on the populous.

On the con side, gun control points could include the Second Amendment, which states that every man has the right to bear arms. It additionally could include information on the percentage of people who buy their guns through normal channels and who use them solely for hunting and protection purposes. There usually are statistics on this side of the gun control debate as well, including the number of licensed gun owners versus the number of gun owners who eschew the proper channels and buy their guns from illegal dealers.

Just like most debates that exist today, there are two strong and fervent sides of the gun control debate here. In your essay, unless you are asked to present both sides you have to pick one. Do whatever feels more natural to you, since you most likely have an opinion on the subject. Then use these gun control resources to establish an outline of your essay, including researching the finer statistics that will strengthen your case. Before you know it, your essay will be almost entirely written and you will likely have more insight into both sides of the debate too.


What Many of Today’s Gun Control Essays Cover

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Gun control

With gun control serving as the nation’s hottest topic right now, students are being asked to write gun control essays that either discuss both sides of the debate or that pick a side and then elaborate on why there should or should not be stricter gun control in the United States. These gun control essays are helping to further the current discussion of what to do with the purchase and sale of guns and how to handle the procedures, since many of the latest massacres occurring throughout the country have involved people who did not have permits to use the guns they had or people who easily purchased guns without having to go through much trouble. The gun control debate is hotter than ever as a result, and many of these gun control essays cover one side or another.

On the pro side of stricter gun control, students are writing gun control essays that favor stronger governmental regulations for owners of gun shops and stronger regulations too for the people walking into these shops. It used to be that there was a three day waiting period for purchasing guns in certain parts of the country, and in large part those restrictions still are in place to prevent people from making rash decisions and to allow gun shop owners to look into the histories behind these shoppers. However, with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, or ATF, having its hands tied and being unable to compile a national database of offenders and gun purchasers, not much is being done at the federal level to ensure stronger regulations. Meanwhile, Congress is still working on how to make changes to the system if at all. Students writing a gun control essay in favor of stronger restrictions have their reasons, including the potential for increased safety and the potential to make it much more difficult for just anyone to buy a gun.

On the con side of stronger gun control regulations, students are writing gun control essays that advocate for the freedoms that the U.S. Constitution developed for all Americans. The second amendment in particular is brought up quite frequently in these gun control essays, and often hunters and those who like to collect guns are brought into the debate to discuss their freedoms. When writing these gun control essays, some students struggle with how to verbalize just how vital it is to keep hold of these freedoms.


The Gun Control Essay, a Resource in Times of Gun Violence

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Gun control essay

In times with rising crime or murder rates, or at least the proliferation of news of such events in the media, it is not surprising that the gun control essay should become a fairly common genre. gun control essays and anti gun control essays can be found everywhere, from the New Yorker Magazine and the New York Review of Books to the National Rifles Association website.

A gun control essay can provide information on a wide variety of issues relating to this controversial issue. Of course, no one can provide any single opinion on an issue which is so contentious. Whether it is a discussion of an assault weapons ban or some sort of registry service or roll, it is important to recognize that numerous people have varied levels of knowledge when it comes to composing a gun control essay.

Furthermore, it is important to recognize that a gun control essay can provide a wide variety of information based on the individual experiences of its author. Many people have numerous different experiences with guns and their safety. Not everyone on either side of the debate is equally knowledgeable. Furthermore, many are familiar with distinct areas of the issue.

Some, for example, are familiar with crime but do not participate in hunting to any significant degree. A gun control essay can also be an important source for individual citizens looking for ways to ensure their safety, whether this is to learn how to avoid a situation which could escalate and end with someone getting hurt or finding information on where to find a lock for the weapon.

A gun control essay is one of the best places to find any information relating to the issue of gun control, and it for this reason that they are growing more visible at a time when gun violence is of increasing concern.


Can We Put An end To Gun Death

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Gun death statistics

It may not be possible to put an end to the horror of gun death just as it is not possible to eradicate any type of crime completely. But we can definitely do something about arresting the occurrence of gun deaths. Gun death is a consequence of gun ownership and hence any attempt to arrest the former has to involve controlling the latter. Gun crime statistics have been repeatedly showing that unrestrained gun ownership invariably leads to an increase in gun crime. But in spite of heaps and heaps of evidence unearthed by gun death statistics, a solution to the problem of gun death still remains elusive.

Gun control facts show that gun ownership in the United States is disproportionately high. This can be seen from the fact that people living in the US possess about half of all the privately owned guns in the world. The abnormality of this can be understood if we consider that the US population is only 5 percent of the population of the world. If 5 percent of the people in the world own 50 percent of the guns in the world, it is certainly a matter for concern.

Another information brought out by gun control articles is that every year, more than 30,000 people in America are killed by guns. With so many guns in our country, we cannot expect something better! Various statistics have confirmed the correlation between high gun ownership and a high gun death rate. The finding that suicide rate is also high in areas with high gun ownership confirms this. It appears that gun death is a price we have to pay for allowing people to own guns without exercising any control on the use of guns.

People who are opposed to gun control just ignore gun death as a problem. For them, owning guns is a right conferred on them by the 2nd amendment. The fact that about 99 percent of the 2nd amendment resulted from the inputs given by people with no legal background is of no concern to these people. These people also use the concept of democracy to oppose any kind of control. They need to understand that democracy can be preserved only by preventing tyranny and that the tyranny of gun death can pose a severe threat to democracy.