How to Prevent the Next Gun Tragedy: Three Recent Shootings We Can Learn From

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Want to talk about one of the most divisive topics in the country? Then you’re probably interested in gun control debate arguments. It rises up every few months then dies down, only to pop up again after every shooting that makes us question whether the fault lies completely with the shooter, or partially with the system that allows people with mental and/or emotional issues to easily access high powered weaponry so long as they have enough money. What recent events have fueled the debates on gun control, and what can we learn from them?

1. The Navy Yard Shooter

One of the most recent tragedies actually happened at a military base. Aaron Alexis, Navy contractor, went on a bloody rampage this September. Alexis was shot to death on site. In the investigation conducted afterward, it turned out that Alexis had a fairly extensive history of mental disturbance. Despite this, the contractor hired him for work. This case has called into question Alexis’s ability to purchase– and then keep his hands on– a gun, even though he was already exhibiting a clear pattern of mental diress, and a former incident in which he shot at the tires of a car after he thought construction workers had “mocked him.” Alexis was easily able to enter the Navy Yard because of his security clearance.

2. Gun Attacks in Chicago

In Chicago, several gun attacks have left four men dead, and 13 people wounded. One shooting took place at a South Side park. Right now, Chicago has one of the worst homicide rates in the entire country, largely fueled by gun violence. It might surprise you to learn that only about 10 to 15% of guns used in crimes are stolen guns. In fact, the majority of guns used to kill or injure others are purchased legally, putting a bit of a hole through the gun control debate arguments that criminals will always find a way. It’s difficult to put that to the test, after all, when we’re practically handing them a license to kill.

3. Aurora Shooting

In 2012, during a midnight screening of The Dark Night Rises, James Holmes shot into the audience, injuring 70 people and killing 12, shocking the nation. Most moviegoers initially assumed he was part of a prank, until he opened fire. After being apprehended, it was found that Holmes had booby trapped his apartment and was potentially mentally ill. How did Holmes receive his guns? Sadly, all his guns were legally obtained, including an assault rifle. He was also able to purchase 6,000 rounds of ammunition through the internet. Gun control debate arguments need to consider that easy access for everyone means easy access for anyone with a grudge, real or imagined.

What are your thoughts on gun control debate pros and cons?